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Version 2023-05-17: Solana results format change, protocol info & timeout

High Level

  1. Added simulationTimeoutMs and simulateExpired query params to Solana andpoint
  2. Solana endpoint now returns results under aggregated and perTransaction keys. See the examples
  3. Solana endpoint now returns protocol info
  4. Refactor of Solana state changes format that moves all asset-related properties under an asset field

Bump diff


Modified: POST /solana/v0/mainnet/scan/transactions
  Query parameters added: simulationTimeoutMs, simulateExpired
  Response modified: 200
    Attributes added: aggregated, perTransaction
    [Breaking] Attributes removed: action, warnings, simulationResults
    Attribute removed: status

Complete diff

To see all the exact changes made, download the OpenAPI specs and diff this version with the previous version using the diff CLI command:

diff ./v20230308.yaml ./v20230517.yaml

Note: To see a side-by-side diff, add the -y flag before the file paths in the command above.