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Scan a list of assets in order to receive recommended actions, tailored warnings and human-readable warnings and risk signals.

Max amount of assets per request is 100.

Assets can be NFTs or tokens and the format is:

  • EVM compatible NFTs: {chain}:{network}:{collection_address}:{item_id}
    For example: ethereum:mainnet:0x60e4d786628fea6478f785a6d7e704777c86a7c6:7330

  • EVM compatible Tokens: {chain}:{network}:{token_address}
    For example: ethereum:mainnet:0xdAC17F958D2ee523a2206206994597C13D831ec7

  • Solana assets: solana:{network}:{address/pubkey}
    For example: solana:mainnet:6eqgcVBG7PbQkjaRHnJ6YKGVEHCCFSKxXwx2WDLsxv6N

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