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Welcome to the Blowfish Developer Docs

What is Blowfish?

Blowfish is a security platform that helps wallets & applications protect their users against scams, hacks, and mistakes across 10+ blockchains. Wallets & applications use Blowfish throughout their user experience:

During a transaction

  1. Block harmful dapps before a user visits them
  2. Delight users with a simulated preview of their transaction or message
  3. Protect users with a suite of automated warnings

After a transaction

  1. Display a safe, filtered user transaction history
  2. Measure results of your security with transparent dashboards
  3. Resolve customer support tickets with an enriched user history & dedicated tooling

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Get Support from the Blowfish team

If you need support integrating with Blowfish, please contact [email protected]. We offer 1:1 VIP Slack & Telegram support.